QUESTIONS? CALL US: 08033204356, 08035902465.
QUESTIONS? CALL US: 08033204356, 08035902465.


RHUOGA ENERGY is organized with a primary policy of optimizing client’s objectives and needs through expeditious project delivery.

With a network of partners around the world, RHUOGA ENERGY is endowed with competent qualified professionals with vast experience in various fields of specialization in all areas of power systems engineering. RHUOGA ENERGY maintains enviable standards in all its projects with special focus on quality delivery, fast finishing and competitiveness. These laudable aspirations are maintained through an-in house culture of career stability and a reliable financial base with the requisite management accounting procedures.


RHUOGA ENERGY was incorporated in 1992 as a limited liability company in Nigeria and has grown from a modest beginning to become a major engineering contracting and consulting firm.

RHUOGA ENERGY administrative head office is located in Aso-Villa, Asokoro, the highbrow area of Abuja – the Federal Capital City of Nigeria.

RHUOGA ENERGY also have representative offices in Lagos, Port Harcourt and Warri. Our international offices are in California USA and Canada.


International Partners

To accomplish our set vision, we at RHUOGA ENERGY have affiliated and technical partners in USA, Europe, Canada and the Middle East structured on a need to use basis, where a particular company has developed exceptional expertise.

RHUOGA ENERGY has led to fruitful relationships with J.B. Weld UK Limited, MADVAC of Canada and ESITAS TRAFO / ELECT of Turkey, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC of Germany, Pettigean of Belgium and NEW WORLD POWER TECHNOLOGY India, etc.

Local Partners

RHUOGA ENERGY also works in partnership with other reputable Civil and Mechanical construction companies to deliver professional services. They include:

1. FIMU Ventures Limited, Kano / Yenogoa (General Civil Engineers)

2. Jacon Engineering Construction Limited (Foundations for HV Substations And Transmission Lines)

3. Endisco International Ltd – Registered Surveyors

Financial Outlook

In as much as RHUOGA ENERGY is driven to make profit, we are very conscious of the fact that the level of profit leaves the contracting company and the customer satisfied and creates room for further business transactions between both parties.

To this end therefore, we endeavour to give our clients very high quality service at the lowest possible cost.

This approach allows us to focus on the clients’ best interest by providing timely and cost effective solutions consistent with the project objectives.